i am so sick of the double standards in the breaking bad community between skyler and walter. 

in breaking bad’s pilot episode, it is truly the only time you get a view of family-man!walt. he’s still a normal, high school chemistry teacher, he still “loves” his family, he still appears as if he belongs with them. during his birthday party, still, does he show signs of sociopathism. he is distant, even in a room filled with people he loves. walt has a giant ego. and because of it, and the greed that’s been haunting him for years, he breaks bad in the first episode. he starts cooking crystal meth, nearly kills two people, and then to top it all off, walt points a gun in the direction of sirens which he believes to be police cars. walter white starts to develop the evil persona that will eventually take over his life. 

throughout the first season, walt is responsible for murdering two people. of course, walt has a partner in crime. twenty-four/five year old jesse pinkman. his ex-student, who walt threatened into working with him. seriously. walt said “you cook with me or i turn you in”, or something close along those lines. what a great guy, huh? no. no, walt’s a terrible man thus far. 

not only does he manipulate jesse repeatedly, walt’s hunger for more money gets to the “best” of him. he leaves skyler and walt jr. for hours, he is entirely dishonest, he gets in trouble with tuco — which gets him in trouble with the cartel — all the while dragging jesse through this shit and justifying his actions because he’s “doing it for the family”. 

you can say what walt does is for the family, go ahead. you can say it all you want, but it will never be true. think about it for a second. walt was neglected from a million dollar company, he could have had a nobel prize, he could be living in a mansion that he “deserves”, and he could be married to gretchen. above all else, walt could have had the life he dreamed of. but like most people on this world, walt didn’t get what he wanted. what starts out as “i have cancer and i need to make money to save my family from all of the debt” spirals out of control and turns into “i. need. more.”

let’s take a look at what skyler was doing during this time. 

skyler was accidentally pregnant. she was making breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. skyler gave up everything for her kids, including her job. skyler protected walt jr. skyler was nearly raped by her crazed husband. skyler was kept in the dark this entire season and had to deal with walt’s sudden abnormal behavior. skyler had to not only deal with all of this — which is too much for one human — but also she had to deal with her mentally ill sister who has just as many struggles. 

it’s insane how you can pick skyler apart and find the tiniest faults in her and call her a: bitch, cunt, whore, and slut. when walt murders someone, you call him: badass, a hero, cool, awesome. guess what? walt isn’t any of those things, and neither is skyler. what YOU are, however, is misogynistic. 

in season two, when skyler smokes a cigarette, most fans of the show think this absurd. she’s pregnant, how COULD she??????? i’ll tell you how she could. the immense stress skyler was under gave her the excuse. i’m not advocating smoking while pregnant. i agree that it’s a bad thing to do, but i’m deeply supportive of skyler no matter what. she made a mistake. but in comparison to walt indirectly killing over 167 people, AND murdering directly, and ruining jesse’s life, does smoking a cigarette seem all that awful? please, get over yourself. 

moving on to the “i fucked ted” argument. cheating on walt does not make skyler a slut or a whore. how dare you even think that. under pressure and married to someone intimately inept, she succumbed to the temptations. ted treated her like she deserved to be treated, and he gave her the love she was desperately seeking and NOT getting from her husband. ted was a good guy for her, and in many ways, he probably gave her that temporary happiness that elsewhere she wouldn’t find. i don’t like ted too much myself, but i can still conclude that his sexual actions with skyler were not a crime at all. 

oh and we can’t forget how walt tried to have sex with the school prinicipal after the plane crash. are you serious? how can you even… are we watching the same show, people?

moving on. walt misses the birth of his new born baby, tuco is killed, walt watches as jane chokes on her own vomit and dies, and yet again he is idolized for being a “hero” when in actuality, he’s an abusive, manipulitave, gigantic asshole. skyler, on the other hand, has sex with a man that isn’t her husband, smokes two and a half cigarettes, and sacrifices all that she has to ensure things will be okay for her family. but, no that isn’t good enough. skyler’s a bad person for making a mistake. skyler’s a dumb cunt who should fucking die. 

i’m not going to continue on season by season, because i think my general point has been proven. walt will never be half the person that skyler is. walt will never understand what it means to be a family, a lover, or what it means to make real sacrifice. 

there is no way to justify walt’s horrific actions, or to call him a hero, when skyler is the one who has done nothing but been generous and has saved her family from multiple calamities. walt certainly has gotten them out of a few crises, but of course, only with the help of his criminal lawyer, blood money, and meth friends. 

"fans" that have double standards between these two characters and choose to slur their hate aren’t really fans at all. what i like to say is that, sure, you’re entitled to your own opinion. but not if you have absolutely no evidence, and your opinion is just outright moronic. 

have a nice day and keep your unnecessary, sexist, irresponsible SW hate out of the fucking tags.

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